Auctus Vaults

Automated strategies using interest-earning protocols and options

Vaults represent a passive-investing strategy combining interest-earning protocols and options. Some vaults offer capital protection and so can be adapted to all risk profiles. While some vaults offer principal protection, they still face smart contracts risks. Vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs and automating the allocation strategies.


3POOL - ETHCALL is the first vault available and it provides ETH exposure with principal protection. The yields generated from CRV farmed are automatically used to purchase ETH call options.


  • Deposit asset: USDC

  • Principal allocation: Curve 3Pool

  • Yield allocation: Farming rewards are used to purchase ETH CALL options

  • Automatic exercise before expiration if the options purchased are in-the-money.

  • Fees: Perfomance (Harvest) - 10% , Withdrawal - 0.2%

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