80% AUC / 20% USDC with USDC

Each week Auctus will be distributing 14,000 AUC for liquidity providers on a Balancer pool consisting of 80% AUC and 20% USDC, rewards will be allocated proportionately to liquidity contribution. This is in addition to any BAL rewards and fees generated.

How to join 80% AUC / 20% USDC Balancer pool with USDC

If you don't have USDC, use 1inch.exchange to buy it with ETH.

1- Access the pool on Balancer.

2- Click on "Add Liquidity".

3- If it's the first time you are interacting with Balancer, you'll be asked to setup a proxy. Click on "Setup" and confirm the transaction.

4- Click on "Single asset"

4- Select USDC, click on "Unlock" on USDC (1), and confirm the approval on Metamask, wait until the toggle changes and enter the amount you want to allocate in the "Deposit Amount" (2)

5 - Now click on the button "Add Liquidity" and confirm the transaction. Now you are automatically enrolled in the Auctus Liquidity Program. After July 7th, you will be able to track your daily rewards here and your rewards will be sent every week.

If you have any further questions about Balancer or about Auctus Liquidity Incentives, join us in Discord or Telegram.